They say that your retirement years are your golden years and they literally could be if you saved for your retirement with gold IRAs. Gold IRAs are similar to regular IRAs in so far as you still get the impressive tax benefits but unlike regular IRAs that gamble on the stock market, gold IRAs can only be used to invest in gold or other precious metals. I am sure that you have heard that gold and precious metals are considered to be safe investments but what you may not have heard is that gold IRAs are available. As with regular IRAs there are certain criteria that have to be met, such as not being able to withdraw funds until a certain age is reached but most people think that that is the beauty of an IRA.

As mentioned, regular IRAs invest in the stock market which although many people think that ensures them a good return on their investments, retirees in 2010, the year of the last financial crisis, would probably argue and with good reason. That year it was estimated that 75% of all retirees came up short on what they had hoped to have for their retirement years and that was because the value of their regular IRAs that were invested in the stock market, were very low. Gold on the other hand, does not rely on how well the stock market is doing, it has an international value which means that neither is it dependent on how well the dollar is doing, its value has an international worth, one which traditionally keeps increasing in value, regardless of how the different stock markets may be faring.

It is this kind of safe investment that you should perhaps be looking for when thinking of money for your retirement. By all means though, invest in the stock exchange as many people have gotten rich by doing so but, there have also been those that have lost everything and if that happened to your retirement savings, you would have to spend the rest of your life, financially dependent on someone else. So if you do choose to invest in stocks, do it with money you are not counting on for retirement or, if you want to invest some of that retirement money in stocks, at least also invest some in gold IRAs so that you will not be left with nothing to retire on.

If you do choose to invest all or some of your retirement money in gold IRAs, you will be left with several physical gold solutions from which to choose. You can invest in bullion, coins or gold by weight as well as other precious metals. There are some restrictions on the gold investments you can purchase with a gold IRA but those are usually restrictions on buying collectible or rare gold coins. Of course, although referred to as physical old holdings, it is not you that can physically hold them, you will have to arrange a custodian to hold them on your behalf.

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