Several guides to un-breaking up can now be found on the internet and are guides that are meant to help you in gaining back an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. An unbreakup guide does not of course know you or your ex and so cannot give you specific advice but can at least lead you in the right direction for success in your endeavours.

Your first though having decided that you really want your ex back will probably be to apologize and then beg them to come back however, that, according to the guides is something that you should never do. According to the online guides, although it is OK to apologize, you should never beg an ex to come back.

The reason they say this is because when you beg, people lose respect for you and your ex will too. It may not seem like it at first as they may come back to you but it will only be through pity and nothing else. Whilst the pity wears off, the loss of respect will not and so once again you will find yourself on your own and alone.

Some people may consider stalking their ex to see what they are up to but that would definitely be a mistake as stalking is never a good thing regardless of how good the intentions. If an ex finds out you have been stalking them and robbing them of their privacy, they will hate you and you will never get them back.

Once you do get a chance to talk with your ex again, you may think it a good idea to talk of the past, mentioning all the good times you shared but that, once again according to the online guides, would be an error. There may well have been a lot of good times you shared together however a study showed that when people are reminded of the good times in the past, they are also prone to remembering the bad times too and that certainly may not be a good thing if you are to succeed in your quest.

One of the main reasons why couples break up is due to one of them not wanting to make a commitment and so if it is you, as you have already decided that it is them you want, think carefully about making some kind of commitment. If on the other hand the break up was due to the ex not wanting to make a commitment; be patient as they all do in their own sweet time, give them the time they need and don’t be pushy.

The guides mention that you should talk of the future and how bright it would be if the two of you were together again. You will obviously know what they like and so promise them a bright future, including the things they like. If they broke up with you for a specific reason, ensure you do not make that same mistake again.

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