If you are considering trying to win an ex-girlfriend back, you should realize that it is not necessarily an easy thing to and in fact, it is probably harder than just finding a new girlfriend. For this reason, you should, before you even try, be sure it is what you want. Be sure that your ex is the girl of your dreams, your soul mate and one who is worth whatever it takes to win back. If it is just the female company that you miss, like I said, it would probably be easier just to find another girl.

Anyway, if you do decide that you want her back then it is probably best to read a guide to getting your ex back and there are several online as these can help you in your endeavors. Most of these guides will agree that the task will not be easy but will also give easy steps which if you follow, should lead you to success. Although the steps themselves may seem easy, as they will probably provide several different sets of steps, choosing the correct set of steps for your personal situation may not be so easy.

Most guys, as their first instinct will probably think that begging her to come back may work but experts say that begging is probably the worst thing you can do. The reason why they say this is because although it may initially seem to work, a girl loses respect for a man that has to beg in order to get what they want and that drop in respect will lead to the girl once again finishing with you and so any victory in this matter will be short-lived. The experts also advise you not to stalk the girl as this always creates discomfort in the person being stalked and the ex will probably more likely learn to hate you rather than love you.

So, you have decided you want to try and win an ex back and you will neither beg her nor stalk her and so what else is there you can do? That will very much depend on why she finished with you in the first place and so the first thing you must do is determine the real reason why she did what she did. In many instances, the reason why a girl dumped you is not the same one as what they told you and so you have to figure out where you went wrong or what you did wrong.

Although girls usually want someone who behaves themselves and does what she would like, often a girl finishes with a guy because they are too obedient as they also want a man who is strong and independent. If this is the case in your instance you will have to determine how you should behave once you do win her back or be prepared to make any changes it will take to keep her as that is what you have decided you want.

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