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It is such a hassle when a collector falls victim to fraudulent or counterfeit silver coins. The worst experience for a buyer is when you pay a high amount for a coin, only to find out that you have been fooled buy the seller by selling you a fake. yMost victims experience this because of a lack of knowledge and awareness of how to differentiate an authentic silver coin to a fake one. Scenarios like this may easily be avoided by taking note of the following distinctions that are present in comparing a real silver coin and a fake one.

Overall Look and Feel of the Coin

Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a real silver coin. The markings, texture, weight, edges and other physical aspects of a coin are key qualities that can be helpful in determining it’s genuinity. It is also very helpful to try and memorize how it feels to hold a coin in your hand. If you get used to it enough, you will be able to tell the difference of a fake coin just by holding it.


A geniune coin will definitely weigh more than a fake one because of the make up of the coin itself. Beware also that fake coins may also be heavy, but oftentimes heavier than the original.


Genuine coins are often shiny and radiant, while counterfeit ones are generally dull. The sound of of a coin when chinked to another may also be a way to determine its authenticity. A bell like sound will come from a genuine coin.


The history of a coin is also a helpful tool in determining its authenticity. Most forgers put the wrong date on a fake coin. Research on the facts about the coin you are about to buy beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the special markings or dates on the coin so that you will be able to look for them when you check the coin.

There are also tests you can do to determine if your coin is real or fake. The examples below are very simple and easy for anyone to do.

Magnet Test

Real silver coins are not magnetic. Try to use the strongest magnet you can find to check if a coin is real or not. A neodymium magnet is most suitable in performing this test.

Ice Test

If you put a cube of ice on top of a coin and it melts instantly, then it is made of real silver. Silver is the best conductor of heat which is the reason why the ice would melt instantly.

Bleach Test

Fake coins will tarnish easily when exposed to bleach, real coins will not. The most minimal volume of bleach can already determine if a coin will tarnish or not.

These are just some examples of how to make sure that you are buying an authentic silver coin. It is also highly recommended to consult an expert before buying a coin. It is also best to purchase from trusted and certified people to avoid being sold fraudulent coins.

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There has been a rapidly growing emphasis for people to be able to invest their cash in a variety of sources in this day and age. Some people choose to keep their resources stored in banks over a period of time while others choose to acquire real estate. Another popular investment decision that is taking off is the decision to purchase gold. There has been a growing interest in purchasing gold coins and bars over the years. There are a variety of ways by which a person can quickly obtain this precious metal. One of the more popular methods that many investors turn to is to purchase the yellow metal online. Let’s take a look at a number of things you need to be aware of when you choose to buy Gold Online.

There has been a certain amount of hesitation among investors when the prospect of acquiring gold online comes up. The amount of resources that goes into purchasing gold is no laughing matter and it is within your best interests to guarantee that the transaction goes off without a hitch. Fortunately, acquiring the metal online is not as risky as it may seem. There are numerous safeguards and precautions adopted by mints and dealers in order to ensure that the exchange initiated by each investor goes off without a hitch.

There are a few things you need to do in order to guarantee that the purchase decision you make online favors you in every perceivable way possible. One of the ways for you to guarantee that you are able to acquire the yellow metal safely is to acquire it from the mint that produces them directly. There are several mints online with an established presence. Run a search for gold mints online and you will surely be able to obtain a variety of possibilities that you can patronize. Choosing to go with a gold mint also allows you to choose between impressive varieties of gold products. This is a great boon to people who want to purchase the metal in coin and bar variants.

If you choose to purchase the resource through a dealer, make sure that you’re able to run a thorough background check on the history of the operation that you’re eyeing. Acquaint yourself with the policies that each place has when it comes to purchasing their products. Does the dealer allow you to return the product that you’ve purchased if it isn’t to your satisfaction? Look for places with a history of dealing with gold for a protracted duration of time. An established reputation is a strong indicator that you will be able to acquire the product that you want with maximum security.

As soon as you’re ready to make a purchase, acquire the contact details that your dealer of choice possesses. Inquire about the shipment schedule before you purchase with a sense of finality. With a little research and some sense of awareness, you will surely be able to acquire gold online without a lot of trouble.


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Irish Engagement Rings – Steep In History  And Romanticism

Irish engagement rings are also suitable for those people who are not Irish. Many non-Irish couples wear Celtic, Claddagh, or Emerald rings due to their unique beauty and rich symbolism.

Celtic engagement rings are often consist of designs such as interwined ribbons or lines that are representative of the eternity of interconnected lives and the unending nature of a love that binds a couple together in marriage to begin a new life together.

Claddagh engagement rings were manufactured more than 300 years ago in a small village in Ireland. There was a fisherman named Claddagh living in the village. One day, his boat was taken by pirates and he was held captive and then sold as a slave to a wealthy goldsmith. Longing for coming back to Claddagh, he worked for the goldsmith. And he learnt the trade, making a beautiful ring for his beloved. After several years he was released from slavery. Later he returned to his villiage and gifted the ring to his beloved. Soon they were married and lived happily ever after.

The Claddagh ring is available in different design variations of two hands holding a crowned heart. The hands represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty and fidelity, and the heart symbolizes love: All of the qualities necessary for a successful marriage.

Emerald engagement rings have a strong bond with Ireland for their brilliant green color. Compared with Claddagh and Celtic rings, emeralds have less obvious symbolism yet are a vital way to maintain a link to Irish culture. Some couples prefer to combine emerald stones with a Claddagh or Celtic design.