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Although many women today own a vanity case of one sort or another, few have vanity cases large enough to warrant them having wheels but there are some that do. Actresses for example may have a vanity case that contains lights mirrors and anything else they may need to make up for a part whilst filming in a remote location, far from any proper dressing room facilities. Although these are sometimes referred to as a makeup trolley case, they are in fact just a vanity case on wheels.

Models of course may also have a vanity case on wheels but probably very few other women but what they have instead is a small vanity case which can sit on their dressing table next to their jewelry box so as to be convenient for putting makeup on in front of the dresser’s mirror. Some women do prefer larger ones and so that is why today, all sizes are available, from the relatively small all the way through to the wheeled ones for actresses.

Most women will look online at the different vanity cases to see which one would be best for them; they obviously want one big enough to serve its purpose but would not want one bigger than is necessary. Regardless of what size vanity case a woman wants, there are likely to be several different manufacturers that make then and so there will be many different designs and styles. In the case of vanity cases though, it is probably their convenience and size which are more important than ether looks or designs, plus of course the price will always be a deciding factor in many cases.

Although in any stores or even online you will see many different vanity cases available for women to buy, you will see very few, if any, for men. Although this is true it was men who the first vanity cases were designed for. In the early part of the Victorian period, man with wealth started to travel extensively and so the vanity case was designed for them for convenience. Many years later but also in the Victorian period, the end of it, women of wealth also started to travel and so that is when the first vanity cases for women were designed.

The convenience that a vanity case offered whilst travelling was very much appreciated and in fact, many of the women would continue to use their vanity cases even when not travelling. This led to women who had no intention of travelling to still buy them for use only in their homes. A large number of vanity cases therefore had to be made and so several new companies started making them as well as the ones which were already making the ones for travel. This meant that the different ones available to buy increased immensely creating today’s dilemma for many women as to which one they should buy and so why relevant websites can be so very useful.